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Website Design & Build

When starting my new coaching business I needed a website and a logo pronto, while still dealing with all the aspects of a new business. After a short discussion around look and feel, Dorothy went away, leaving me with the business actions, coming back a little while later with two almost finished products. And now I am in LOVE (pardon the pun) with my logo and I am in LOVE with my stunning new website I love the clean lines and the warm look and feel around the site. Dorothy listened to every request, some couldn’t work and she explained why and many times, I moved a full stop. I am the Initial Caps Queen – and she changed them all until I had the perfect look and feel for me. I highly recommend her deliverable, her work ethic and her unyielding focus at giving you what you want. Thank you Dorothy for two beautiful, functional, stunning pieces of work. You make me look good!

Collette Merrit

Be The Change Coaching

Virtual Assistance

Recently I was asked at short notice to facilitate a Customer Feedback Survey at a Client, for which I needed a scribe. I called on Dorothy’s Virtual Assistance Services. We went into the event a little blind, not knowing exactly where the session would take us. Dorothy scribed like a fiend, often time pulling the nuggets from an excited, cross-wired conversation. After the event Dorothy produced a comprehensive document with all the feedback captured verbatim. Her years as a. court transcriber, stood her in great stead for this assignment. I will definitely make use of her Virtual Assistant Services going forward.

Collette Merritt

Be The Change Coaching

I had been told for years, that as a writer I needed a website but I had been dragging my heels because I didn’t really know how or what to do, to make that happen. When Dorothy started building websites, THIS was my opportunity to … OUTSOURCE. I told her roughly what I wanted. We looked at sooooooooooooooooooo much art work – that part we loved, so many beautiful pictures – and colours, eventually we settled on a look and feel. Thank you Dorothy for demystifying this process for me. If you hadn’t taken me firmly by the hand and walked the process with me, my beautiful writing site would still not be up. Thank you!

Collette Kelly


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Contact us and let’s chat. We’d love to co-create your digital footprint with you.

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